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Profiling Division

Stock range from 3mm to 300mm thick.
Single and multihead CNC profiling machines.
CNC plasma cutters.
Laser cutting
Lumsden surface grinders
Vibrationary stress relieving.

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Precision Profiles proudly offers the complete solution for your profiling needs.

Flame Cutting

Computerised Multi-head profiling machines combined with our comprehensive stock of carbon steels up to 250mm thick and around the clock operation means we can deliver when others may let you down. One-offs to thousands of profiles can be supplied and finished to your specification.

Precision Profiles has the largest Lumsden grinding capacity in the South and South Wales.

Once blanks have been produced and inspected they are delivered the next day by our own fleet of lorries. Special requirements such as stamping or marking, palletising, shrink-wrapping etc. can be accommodated.

Every process is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality is maintained. ISO 9002 accreditation clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Plasma Cutting

New high definition twin-head plasma machines offer a superior finish to conventional plasma cutters. Capacities; mild and stainless steels up to 20mm and aluminium up to 15mm - bed size 16M x 3M.


2500 mm diameter Lumsden grinders, 1800mm square max.


Keeping pace with the latest technology allows Precision Profiles to meet customers demands for high tolerance, quality products. We maintain a close relationship with our software suppliers such as SigmaTech, to ensure we are always at the forefront of latest developments. SigmaNest ensures the maximum plate utilisation is achieved saving material, time and other costs. This is just one of the ways our continued investment in technology saves us money to help make our service so aggressively priced and has given us the edge over our competitors.

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